October Sketchbook Zine 2020

October Sketchbook Zine 2020


I challenged myself to fill a whole 128 page sketchbook!

It didn't have to be 'good', I just wanted to enjoy myself and get back into making physical art- painting, drawing, collaging.

Here are some of my favourite pages.

Size A5.

Made from recycled paper.

32 pages.

*Pre-orders are open until October 30th.

Zines will be ordered on October 31st.

Production time is usually two weeks.

Delivery time for UK is 3 days, but world wide varies.


Wolf - @kyesmithart
Lemon cat - @katnippstudios
Do no harm, take no shit - @fatcatclub.art
Be yourself, for yourself - @ghostiitea
Broomstick - @ghostandbone
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